Wacki -Customizable Intranet Portal for Small & Medium Enterprises

The portal provides a user friendly interface with good ‘Look n Feel’ and Support the content capabilities and features list. Users shall have secured access to this portal through the login access as per the details provided by the client either through LDAP / Active Directory or SAML through Single Sign on integration.
Policy and Procedures

  • Provide employees with quick access to current policies and procedures
    • Human resource policies and procedures
    • Operations policies and procedural manuals
    • Purchasing policy and procedures
    • Health and Safety

Self-service HR features

  • e.g. forms, procedures and policies, manpower requisitions etc.
  • Quick access to current Human Resources forms with immediate access to corresponding procedural and policy information


  • Provide immediate access to company newsletters enabling employees to stay up to date with key information

Employee Directory Information

  • Centralized & Searchable for Employee Information
  • Departmental listings (by Organization Hierarchy)
  • Employee photos
  • Employee profiles
  • Generate email lists
  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Search employees skills
  • Look for co-workers and supervisors
  • Employees profiles managing

Corporate Contacts

  • Sundry office supplies, Caterers, Preferred vendors list, Customers, Links to common websites, etc.

Business Links

  • Dictionary, phone books, postal code lookup, driving directions, etc.
  • Utilize hyperlinks

Announcements / What’s New

  • New employees, retirements, etc
  • Contents formatted by a template
  • Consider “New” tag with auto expiration;

New employee

  • Orientation information


  • Provides details about the events held in organization.


  • It's a snap to get company photos and videos onto the intranet to share with co-workers. Add titles, captions, notes, copyright and other meta data information for searching on photos and images.

Project events:

  • Details of the various projects carried out in the organization. Other details provided under this section are name of project lead, event date, status of the project and the capability to view the event.

Highly effective search tool

  • Based on industry best practices for search
  • Enables quick and easy access to relevant information
  • Consider importance of search tool’s ability to search within documents (such as Word and PDF)
  • Consider importance of hit highlighting within search results and documents

Training Center / e-Learning

  • For Corporate facilitated training
  • Training calendar with upcoming sessions
  • Provide access to training catalogue and registration information
  • Registration capabilities
  • Offer quick reference online training materials
  • Consider capabilities for offering media rich training materials such as video..
  • To provide company activities knowledge based documents.

Job Postings / Job Board

  • Ability for authorized HR staff to create a new job notice.   The administrator needs the ability to add a new job, modify, and delete job notices.
  • Provide staff access to view the postings.

Online Viewable Organizational Charts

  • Allow users to view details of the departmental organization.

Collaboration Zone/ Discussion Forums

  • Wiki like

Automated content feeds from outside sources

  • Weather, City relevant newswires

Resource Booking

  • Booking for shared resources such as meeting rooms and audio video equipment
  • Currently handled by Outlook/Exchange so that resources can be “invited” to meeting
  • Consider integrating with Outlook/Exchange
  • A department wise requirements screen for all the facility requests (like Travel, Accommodation, IT requirements etc.) pointing to facility department or related departments.

Company Store:

  • Company Store is an intranet shopping cart application for the Ramkian’s to store items, products on sale, and create unlimited custom messages for the Company Store home page.

Leave Management:

  • Online Employees Electronic Leave Management Service with real time leave
    applications and approvals through the use of the combination of intranet web forms and email system for effective leave management.
  • A web-based system for handling all types of leaves
  • Allow staff to apply for leave online.
  • Allow managers and supervisors to approve or reject employee’s leave requested.
  • Employees should get up-to-date information of leave status without contacting Human Resource Department.
  • Email notification of leave application & approval/rejection to subordinates & supervisors.
  • Ability to export leaves transaction data to Excel for employees and managers to do reporting.
  • Leaves balance status