Case studies

Orissa Urban CSC eGovernance

The Govt. of Orissa has embarked on an ambitious initiative to create Urban Citizen Service Centers ( Orissa e-Seva ) in three cities viz. Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Bherampura. The objective of this initiative is to provide a strong consolidated impetus to the implementation of e-Governance initiatives in Orissa and provide anytime/anywhere ‘One-Stop-Shop’ service delivery to the citizens. 

The Govt. of Orissa has requested NISG (National Institute for Smart Government: a non-profit company jointly owned by central, state governments and NASSCOM to provide consultancy services for the project in light of NISG’s expertise as a national level think-tank on e-governance. The context of this exercise is to enable NISG to have a holistic picture of the operations, IT infrastructure and processes of various departments of Govt. of Orissa and to understand the vision, objectives and the growth plan and needs of the departments. A proper understanding of the current scenario shall provide the requisite base for formulation of an appropriate model for Orissa e-Seva. 

The use of ICTs for improving service delivery necessarily requires the existence of technology based operations in departments of GoO. It is possible that all data related to various services are not computerized. It is therefore; important to understand the level of computerization in the department with respect to the services for Citizens.

Outcomes from Orissa Urban CSC Project