Case studies

Delhi Jal Board – Integrated Security Management System

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) constituted through a legislative act of the Delhi Legislative Assembly on 06th April 1998, caters to the onerous responsibility of providing potable wholesome drinking water to over 18 million population of the GNCTD, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (India) 
DJB is responsible for production and distribution of drinking water in GNCTD as well as collection, treatment and disposal of waste water / sewage. 
DJB has 7 Water Treatment Plants (WTPs), 17 Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and a large number of Underground Reservoirs (UGRs). 
It has an extensive network of Booster Pumping Stations (BPSs), water mains and distribution system.
The WTPs, STPs and UGRs cover a large geographical area and are located in Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural Areas.
The plants as well as the extensive infrastructure and distribution systems are vulnerable to acts of sabotage through biological and or explosive means by terrorists / unsocial elements. 
The security of this installation is therefore, of utmost necessity and importance.
This project caters to the need for a foolproof security system to ensure optimum functional capacities of the plants and distribution of pure potable water to the population of GNCTD without interruption. 

Integrated Security Management Strategy
The DJB Plants at various locations are manned by security staff and unmanned in certain locations. The plans are mostly located in thickly populated areas, while some of them are in remote regions spread in all part of the GNCTD.
Contamination of water and or breakdown of water supply, damage / blockage of waste water / sewage can pose a widespread severe health hazard as also cause other grave emergencies.
An efficient and effective system of policing, surveillance, management reporting and quick reaction to counter security threat / crisis is an inescapable need and requirement.
The following strategy has been adopted for the proposed ISMS, based on a detailed study report, by experts in security domain, which was submitted to DJB identifying functional areas and respective parameters. Though some of the key areas are out of scope of the proposed ISMS project, following parameters will give the bidders a better perspective of the project.

Expected outcomes of the project
From the perspective of various stakeholders, the outcomes include: