Project Management

Through Project Management consulting, Malloc Solutions provide the following objectives:

  • Explain project specific Life Cycle Model
  • Process that shall be followed for the any project
  • To plan and ensure the development of a project and to control changes to its components

For any project, we ensure that the Quality Assurance Review Process, Top Work Plan for the project, Configuration Management Process, Defect Prevention Process and Customer Review and Acceptance Process are in not just in place but are widely implemented in any organization. 

We ensure that the Quality Management System implementation for a group of projects is defined by an engineering group, the resolution of post-project quality problems, if any, Identify, plan and meet training requirements of personnel in the group with the help of training group, QMS implementation in the group, Ensure that staff in the group is trained in QMS, Ensure resource availability in the group for QMS audits, Define TWP, Assign Project Coordinator for the project, Assign resources required, Monitor project progress, Assign Change Authority for the project, Determine and plan any required training and negotiate with customer if customer issues a change request.

Our Project Managers interact with Network Support Group for lab resources according to TWP, define and implement escalation of issues related to resources to support group heads, evolve and follow defined software engineering practices, best practices and documentation standards, Submit status report to customer, QMS related responsibilities, Performing all of Delivery Head’s roles for a project whose TWP is already authorized or is undergoing revision, Preparing TWPs (New and revisions), Interfacing with existing customers at a higher level than Project Coordinator as escalation point, Consolidation of training requirements and interfacing with training department and Updating skill database of the dept.

As part of Project Management consulting responsibilities, we undertake the following:

  • Prepare Technical Work Plan
  • Execute the Technical Work Plan
  • Prepare Project Document (Mix of Process Hand Book, Project Plan, CM Plan and Test Strategy)
  • Configuration items are controlled as per Project Document
  • Schedule creation and review of all deliverables
  • Report on the project status to the department on periodic basis
  • Assign Change Administrator & Configuration Controller
  • Assign Defect Prevention Analyst & Problem Coordinator
  • Project Release & Set up Help Desk

Configuration items of any project:

TWP docs/mgmt
Team structure, roles and responsibilities docs/team
Product Specification Document docs/psd
Estimation Records docs/Estrec
Design document docs/ddd
MIB (Management Information Base) docs/mib
Acceptance Test plans and Test Cases docs/atp
Porting process document docs/ppd
Performance estimates docs/perf
Training material used docs/training
Make files for the project code/com
Source code for each module code/module-name/src
Make files for each module code/module-name/com
MIB definition files code/mib
Testing utilities
Source code for test utilities tst/test-type/src
Test scripts tst/test-type/scripts
Build scripts for testing tst/test-type/bld
External Libraries used ext/lib
Build scripts related to external libraries ext/bld
Hardware related documents docs/hw
Project specific tools
name of the tool must be specified here Tools

Change control

  • Configuration items are placed under version control when they are issued for review and/or testing
  • Versions of configuration items are usually changed on the following events:
    1. Consolidation of corrections resulting from review findings
    2. Corrections resulting from faults detected during testing activities
    3. Corrections resulting from internal/external audit findings
    4. Corrections resulting from problem reports raised as a result of maintenance activity
    5. Change in requirements originated internally or by a customer
    6. Changes to project planning level documents - estimates, TWP, Project plan, configuration management plan, quality plan or test strategy
    7. Test utilities or test scripts which are not a part of the software delivered to a customer
    8. Changes made by the customer to customer supplied items


  • A list of releases along-with their status (ship-authorized or not) and list of customers to whom the releases are distributed, is maintained in the file /home/proj/release/relinfo.txt
  • Configuration items comprising releases are listed in the files /home/proj/release-number/rellist.txt


Requirements traceability

The Project Coordinator will maintain a Requirements Traceability Matrix that establishes traceability of each specified requirement to implementation and testing.

Document traceability

Traceability between document versions is established by the configuration status accounting mechanism adopted.

Configuration Status Accounting

The Configuration Controller will maintain a Configuration Items List, showing the versions of the configuration items stored and those in use currently.

File naming and Version Identification

The version identification scheme followed for source files, header files, make files and documents is x.y. The version identification scheme followed for releases is x.y.z.p.
Source files, header files and make files will be assigned filenames in accordance with the Coding Guidelines.
The following scheme will be followed for document identification:

Estimation Records proj-id/es001
Requirement traceability matrix proj-id/tm001
Configuration item list proj-id/cl001
Project Document proj-id/pp001
Team structure, roles and responsibilities proj-id/tm001
Feature Sheet proj-id/FS001
Product Specification Document proj-id/ps001
Requirements Specification Document proj-id/rs001
Design document proj-id/dd001
Test Strategy proj-id/ts001
MIB (Management Information Base) proj-id/mb001
System Test plans and Test Cases proj-id/st001
Acceptance Test plans and Test Cases proj-id/at001
Release notes proj-id/rn001
Porting process document proj-id/po001
Memory / storage estimates proj-id/me001
Performance estimates proj-id/pe001

Backups & Archiving

The Computing Resources Group will create a daily-backup of the entire contents of the /home/proj directory. The backup will be available for retrieval for 4 weeks.

In case of project closure, the project will be archived as specified in the Project close-out section of the Project Management Procedure of the XXXX-QMS. The Project Co-ordinator shall instruct that the contents of this archival will be preserved by NSG for a minimum period of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. In cases where there is a specific requirement for a longer period of archival (e.g., on Customer request), the PC get the PH’s authorization for the same. The archival request will be made using the relevant forms specified in the QMS.

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