One key take-away of the mobile development is the next big frontier of tech innovation. The driver isn't necessarily just money, either. Although the mobile market will generate $400 billion more spending by 2015 than the $139 billion it did back in 2012. 

Pure innovation and the curiosity to build entirely new relationships between objects, tasks, and locations is what drives mobile developers, as well. 

On the surface, it may seem like the technologies for mobile (such as a database, business logic, HTML 5 or Javascript, analytics tools, ad networks, etc) would be the same for both web and mobile. Yet between multi-device compatibility, phone-specific actions and events, geo-local advertising, and “internet of things” integration, new mobile dev technologies are taking advantage of the unique features of a mobile developer world. 

  • Mobile Backend-as-a-Service or "mbaas" companies in force, with speakers can think of mbaas as "Heroku for mobile apps" and many of these companies enable mobile app developers to instantly deploy mobile functionality like texting / push notifications or "code once for multiple devices". In other words, mbaas enables mobile developers to code less. 

    The mobile app analytics and app testing industry seems to double every year with such companies as Appurify, Sauce Labs, and Optimizely which provides A/B testing for both web and mobile. There were several mobile-only ad networks and monetization tools represented at DeveloperWeek including Millennial Media, AppFlood, and Zample as well. 

    Care to know what you may have missed at DeveloperWeek? ProgrammableWeb assembled a sampling of top takeaways in a blog post: Seven Conversations Overheard at DeveloperWeek 2014 

    • API user experience is a competitive advantage
    • Where are all the iOS developers?
    • The developer evangelist’s secret weapon: Coffee
    • People will only ever remember your first iteration, so get it right
    • Internet of Things is actually the Internet of APIs
    • Security isn’t a separate conversation
    • Storytelling trumps API promotion

    "DeveloperWeek was not originally intended to put such a focus on all the new innovation around mobile development. However, it seems many of the fastest growing companies in the API space, monetization space, even infrastructure space are all adapting to a new reality of multi-screen and multi-device," explains Geoff Domoracki, founder of DeveloperWeek.