Business Continuity Plan


Malloc recruits Engineering graduates with prior skillset and experience in Computer Programming, provide hands-on experience in Live Projects, make the resources market ready for close to an year and deploy the resources on time centric Projects.


Malloc uses it’s powerful Quality Management System, internally called as “Wacki” that consist of 24 Guidelines, 26 Procedures, 70 templates and 25 checklists, that is wrapped up using SEI CMMI Level 3 standards.


Malloc is focused on its Technology suite J2EE, Microsoft and Mobility solutions. Employees attend 40hrs of mandatory technology specific external training every year on emerging technology trends and the trained trainers train the trainees.


State of the art Infrastructure with 24*7 Networking Connectivity with Primary dedicated Internet and backup Internet, 10 KV UPS, SAN Storage, Rack Server Space, USA-India Secured VPN Tunnels, Mitigated measures for Disaster Recovery.